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Welcome to the Lincoln County Emergency Communications Center, the heartbeat of Lincoln County's Emergency Services!

Lincoln County Emergency Communications Center, also known as the Lincoln County E-911 Center, operates 24 hours a day seven days a week and is responsible for answering all 911 and non-emergency calls for the citizens of Lincoln County, Oklahoma. Communications Center personnel also dispatch Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services for the cities of Chandler, Stroud, Prague, and Rural areas of Lincoln County. The citizens of Lincoln County are provided quick access to emergency services by a team of 14 personnel.

Even though the Lincoln County 911 Center has multiple functions, there are two primary job functions within the Communications Center.
  1. Receiving incoming calls. When a telephone call is received by the Center either via 911 or on a non-emergency line, the Telecommunicator collects the information from the caller. The information is then prioritized for dispatching.
  2. Dispatching the call. The operator then dispatches the call to the appropriate agency or agencies.
The center is equipped with the latest technology in order to maintain Lincoln County E-911's commitment to quality service. The main components include Enhanced 911, and Phase 2 wireless enhanced 911. 

Enhanced 911 (E-911) provides Communications Center personnel with immediate address information on a 911 caller. This information is critical in providing immediate emergency services to citizens in need.

The system allows the Telecommunicator to record that information immediately in case the caller hangs up before the necessary information has been gathered. If that happens, the Telecommunicator can call the person back. If there is no answer, a police officer is sent to the address to investigate.
If you call 911 in error, please do not hang up. Stay on the line and explain your situation.

It is important that citizens use 911 for immediate public safety assistance. Non-emergency requests are handled by calling 405-258-9933.

Cellular calls may be routed to Lincoln County 911 center or to a 911 center in a surrounding county, depending on the caller's location. Your cellular phone must be in a cellular coverage area in order for you to reach a 911 center.

Emergency Number: 911
Administrative/Non-Emergency Line: (405) 258-4100
Mapping and 911 addressing : (405) 258-1145


Early March 2008,Opening day, Darrel Herd, Comminications Director (left) and Joey Wakefield, Administrator (right) look  over equipment before going "on-line".

Lincoln County E-911
1001 Steele Ave
Chandler, Ok. 74834

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